Coffeencream in Armenia

Armenia is a small country, ancient and mystical and unspoiled by mass tourism. Armenia people are some of the friendliest globally, and their dishes are some of the healthiest. Armenia has been known to make people happier and healthier. But what makes Armenia and Yerevan memorable and fun is coffeencream entertainers.

Exploring Armenia with coffeencream

With so many bars, restaurants, tourist attraction sites, and top-notch entertainment, Armenia is unique. It’s especially popular for holding stag parties, birthday parties, wedding receptions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and hen parties. Based on visitors’ reviews, we have discovered that coffeencream entertainers contribute up to 70% in making everyone’s party successful in Armenia and Yerevan.

Why choose coffeencream in Armenia?

Our demand speaks for us:

In Armenia, coffeencream strippers, escorts, and models get such high demands, because they are the best.

We have the hottest and sexiest entertainers:

Yes, you got that right. Why not check out our male and female gallery page. You will be surprised and shocked by the beauty, sexiness, and hotness of our strippers and escorts.

We provide 100% real pictures:

There are very few companies that will give you 100% real pictures of strippers and escorts. But we do. That is our promise!!

What do we offer?

Armenia Stag and hen packages

Fun fact: Coffeencream has been voted as the top choice agency to go to for the craziest hen and stag packages.

  1. VIP night club entry, Hike at Mount Ararat, Italian food.
  2. Four-wheel drive to Yerevan card, nude waitresses, Comedy club evening.
  3. Private limo tour to Cascade, paintballing, beauty and massage treatment.
  4. VIP tour to the National Opera Theater in Yerevan, two stripper show, Go-karting.
  5. Four-wheel drive, seafood, an entry pass to the Yerevan metro.
  6. 2 strippers, boat riding, 5-star hotel.
  7. Chinese food, private limo ride, topless waitresses.
  8. Nude painting, sexy buff butlers, 4start hotel.

Armenia Escorts

Fun fact: Did you know your company or companion largely determines how awesome your trip is going to be. Luckily, Coffeencream escorts are committed to making your stay fun with our sexy escorts. The best part is, you will find a lifetime companion is a stranger.

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Armenia Strippers

A beach party cannot be complete without a stripper. Get unlimited lap dances, flirting, easing, a sexy ambiance, and whiplash and cream when you book a stripper from coffeencream.

  • Yerevan
  • Virtual strippers
  • Roly-poly stripers
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Armenia Kissograms

Fun Fact: The best way to deliver a message to the stag is by getting kissograms to do it. And they will not deliver messages lightly; it will be accompanied by a lap dance, a striptease, and a little flirting. The kissograms will even stay behind and entertain the guests while playing party games with you.

  • Yerevan
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Armenia drag queens

Armenia is famous for holding corporate events and parties. And we have the best idea of the century to make the party unforgettable. Hire a drag queen, particularly one who is good at mimicking public figures. Then ask the audience which artist they would like to listen to. The drag queen will mimic whoever you choose, and it will be so real, you won’t believe it.

What do our drag queens do?

  • Lip-syncing
  • Enticing dances
  • Cabaret Drag performance
  • Deejaying
  • Impersonation
  • Wicked sense of humor
  • International comedy
  • Outrageous makeup
  • Crazy fun bingo
  • Comedy sketches
  • Mainstream comedy
  • Character parodies from famous TV shows
  • Audience banter
  • Slight nudity
  • Comedy nun
  • Professional dance finales
  • Live singing
  • Drag acts for musical comedy

We have

  • Yerevan drag queens
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  • slight nude drag queens

Armenia Buff butlers

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! You are not prepared for a sexy buff butler infiltrating your party and taking it to the next level. How about you chill, relax, make your orders, and party all from the comfort of your home or hotel room. Yes, our buff butlers are great cooks, they make cocktails like they were born to do it, and they keep everyone entertained like their lives depend on it. As a bonus, he will pose, and the whole group can explore their life drawing and nude painting skills with his sexy abs.

  • Yerevan buff butlers
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  • Life drawing buff butlers
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Armenia Topless waitresses

Guys! Guys! Guys! We know you wanted that event to be a guys’ only event. But add a topless waitress to the party to serve you and buckle up for a night like none other. She will serve you, play party games with you, and make the guys feel special. We know you will not want the party to end, but the good thing is, you can always book them again when you visit.

We have:

  • Yerevan topless waitresses
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Armenia Bunny girls

Bunny girls are perfect for a wedding or corporate party. They are elegant, classy, and serve like pros.

  • Yerevan bunny girls
  • sexy bunny girls
  • blonde bunny girls
  • Popular bunny girls
  • Fun bunny girls
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Armenia Cocktail classes

Armenia has so many bars by the beach, but nothing beats a well-made cocktail. There is no need to pay more for a cocktail class when you can book one of our pro max experts. They bring the bar to your home and blow your mind with cocktails. Then they teach you to make every cocktail you want with love and passion.

Armenia Albanian Models

Models are sexy, hot, handsome, curvy, glamorous, beautiful, high-class, but the real question is what that model will offer you. The job description of a model is broad, and knowing what you want from a model will help you select a specialist.

What do our models do?

Life drawing and nude painting- Be creating unleash your imagination with life drawing and nude painting. Book a gorgeous model for your stag party and let everyone get involved in some life drawing and nude painting. Don’t sit wondering how good you can get at drawing a naked model with sexy abs and busty tits.

Product promotion- Need a sexy brand ambassador? Need hot girls to promote your club tonight? Want to advertise your products? There is nothing as satisfying as getting a model that meets all your needs while bringing helpful insights from their years of experience and training.

Host and hostesses- What event are you planning? Is it a large party or a small private party? Is it a corporate party or a divorce party, or a wedding party? It does not matter because we give you professional’s models to host your party.

  • Yerevan models
  • art models
  • Promotional models
  • Tall models
  • Sexy models
  • Busty models
  • Hot models
  • Popular models
  • Experienced models
  • White models
  • Black models
  • Slender models
  • Slim models
  • Thick models
  • Columbian models
  • Back haired models
  • Indian models
  • Red-haired models
  • Blonde models
  • Thai models
  • Latino models
  • Curvy models
  • Asian models
  • Blonde models
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