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As Ireland’s leading Kissogram & Stripogram company, Coffee’n Cream has a lot of female kissograms in the County Cork. The amazing ladies that you could encounter in County Cork are some of the most in demand female kissograms out there! So, hurry up and book their services. From hen parties, stag parties and birthdays to every kind of corporate and private event, our ladies are here to fulfil your fantasies.

Why should you book our female kissograms in County Cork?

Coffee’n Cream is the only company that covers both Ireland and Northern Ireland whose services and professionalism you can trust. We care about our customers and we do everything that is within our power to satisfy each and every single one of your wishes. Our performers are always professionals that we continuously train in order for their performances to always be at the highest level of delivery. If you want to give our female kissograms in County Cork a chance, please let us know. You won’t regret it!

Our female kissograms can be booked in the following main cities, town and villages in County Cork:

For making a booking for our female or male strippers, female or male kissograms, topless butlers, life drawing classes or hen parties as a custom package of services in County Cork, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For any other locations that we cover and where you can find us in Northern Ireland and Ireland, please visit our locations page. On this website we focus mostly on our Northern Ireland services, but if you are more interested in what Coffee’n Cream has to offer in Ireland in terms of booking our female and male strippers, female and male kissograms, topless butlers, like drawing classes and hen parties, please visit the website

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