Coffeencream in Austria

Austria is a beautiful country with incredible scenery, vibrant cities, and charming villages. You will enjoy visiting Austria, but nothing will make your trip more enjoyable than coffeencream entertainers. Being the best, the hottest, most professional, and most reliable in all of Austria, you have so much to look forward to, whether you are a visitor or a local.

Why choose coffeencream?

We have the hottest and sexiest entertainers.

We are very thorough when looking for strippers, kissograms, buff butlers, models, bunny girls, waitresses, and escorts. Aside from talent, we always ensure our entertainers are hot and sexy.

Our entertainers work hard for you.

Yes, they really do. Our entertainers from Austria understand the importance of good work and customer satisfaction because it is the core that holds any entertainment industry. They work hard at giving you the best time and meeting all your expectations. For this reason, we are going to provide you with the best show you ever had in Austria.

Where are we in Austria?

Amstetten, Baden, Braunau am Inn, Bregenz, Eisenstadt, Graz, Innsbruck, Kitzbuhel, Klagenfurt, Krems an der Donau, Kufstein, Lienz ,Liezen, Salzburg, Solden, St Polten, St.Valentin, Steierark, Traun, Vienna, Villach, Wels and Wiener Neustadt.

What do we offer?


We have the best strippers in Austria. Talk to us about sexy female and hot male strippers gracing your event. They will perform party dances, pole dances, flirt with the stag, dress in costumes that match your party’s theme, they can use pumps, cream, and whips. And when they cannot come to you, they will perform for you virtually live from a screen near you. If you are also looking to humiliate the stag, book one of our roly-poly strippers right now.

We have:

  • Amstetten strippers
  • Baden strippers
  • Braunau am Inn strippers
  • Bregenz strippers
  • Eisenstadt strippers
  • Graz strippers
  • Innsbruck strippers
  • Kitzbuhel strippers
  • Klagenfurt strippers
  • Krems an der Donau strippers
  • Kufstein strippers
  • Lienz strippers
  • Liezen strippers
  • Salzburg strippers
  • Solden strippers
  • St Polten strippers
  • St. Valentin strippers
  • wild strippers
  • strong male strippers
  • Bisexual stripes
  • busty strippers
  • local strippers
  • curvy strippers
  • Steierark strippers
  • Traun strippers
  • Vienna strippers
  • Villach strippers
  • Wels strippers
  • Wiener Neustadt strippers
  • Roly-poly stripers
  • Female strippers
  • male strippers
  • Gay stripes
  • Lesbian strippers
  • Bisexual strippers
  • Birthday party strippers
  • Bachelor party strippers
  • Bachelorette party strippers
  • Hen party strippers
  • Dwarf stripers
  • naughty strippers
  • Party bus strippers
  • Virtual strippers
  • roly-poly strippers
  • hot strippers


Are you having a bachelor party, bachelorette party, birthday party, divorce party, stag party, or hen party, and you are wondering what the best gift to give the stag is. With over 15 years of experience, we can fully affirm that a male or female kissogram delivering your gift to the stag is the ultimate way to give them the best night of their lives.

We have :

  • Amstetten Kissograms
  • Baden Kissograms
  • Female kissograms
  • Male kissograms
  • Sexy gay kissograms
  • Hot lesbian kissograms
  • She male kissograms
  • Bisexual kissograms
  • Busty kissograms
  • Sexy kissograms
  • Wild kissograms
  • Krems an der Donau Kissograms
  • Kufstein Kissograms
  • Lienz Kissograms
  • Liezen Kissograms
  • Salzburg Kissograms
  • Solden Kissograms
  • St Polten Kissograms
  • Naughty kissograms
  • Surprise party bus kissograms
  • Birthday party kissograms
  • Hot kissograms
  • Braunau am Inn Kissograms
  • Bregenz Kissograms
  • Eisenstadt Kissograms
  • Graz Kissograms
  • Innsbruck Kissograms
  • Kitzbuhel Kissograms
  • Klagenfurt Kissograms
  • St. Valentin Kissograms
  • Steiermark Kissograms
  • Traun Kissograms
  • Vienna Kissograms
  • Villach Kissograms
  • Wels Kissograms
  • Wiener Neustadt kissograms


Austria is too beautiful a city to explore alone. Massage escorts in Austria are too good for you not to try them. Our escorts offer various services from girlfriend experience, role play, dating experience, massage, porn star, and social companionship. Why not check out some of the escorts we have because they are many and very diverse.

  • Amstetten Escorts
  • Baden Escorts
  • Braunau am Inn Escorts
  • Bregenz Escorts
  • Eisenstadt Escorts
  • Graz Escorts
  • Innsbruck Escorts
  • Kitzbuhel Escorts
  • Klagenfurt Escorts
  • Krems an der Donau Escorts
  • Kufstein Escorts
  • Wiener Neustadt escorts
  • Virtual escorts
  • Live escorts
  • Sexy gay escorts
  • Hot bisexual escorts
  • Juicy lesbian escorts
  • Horny MILFS
  • She male escorts
  • Passionate MILFs
  • Sweet and young escorts
  • Luxury porn escorts
  • Naughty Latina escorts
  • Hot massage escorts
  • Independent escorts
  • Local mums
  • Natural shape escorts
  • Tantra massage escorts
  • Domination escorts
  • Lienz Escorts
  • Liezen Escorts
  • Salzburg Escorts
  • Solden Escorts
  • St Polten Escorts
  • St. Valentin Escorts
  • Steiermark Escorts
  • Traun Escorts
  • Vienna Escorts
  • Villach Escorts
  • Welsh Escorts
  • Cheating wives
  • White escorts
  • Latino escorts
  • Blonde escorts
  • Red-head escorts
  • Asian escorts
  • BBW escorts
  • Arabic escorts
  • Tiny body escorts
  • Party girl escorts
  • Naughty escorts
  • Curvy escorts
  • Local mummies
  • Adventurous party escorts
  • Naughty red-head escorts
  • Luxury escorts
  • Sexy Latina escorts
  • Best tasty body Brazilian escorts

Topless waitresses

Imagine a topless waitress serving the guys at that bachelor or divorce party. A lot can happen, but one thing is for sure, they will be reluctant to leave the party, and they will talk about it for days to come. If it’s a corporate party, the topless waitresses will greet your guests at the door, welcome them, take their coats, serve them and entertain them. Either way, you have a lot to look forward to when you book a topless waitress from coffeencream.

We have:

  • Amstetten Topless waitresses
  • Baden Topless waitresses
  • Braunau am Inn Topless waitresses
  • Bregenz Topless waitresses
  • Eisenstadt Topless waitresses
  • Graz Topless waitresses
  • Innsbruck Topless waitresses
  • Kitzbuhel Topless waitresses
  • Klagenfurt Topless waitresses
  • Krems an der Donau Topless waitresses
  • Kufstein Topless waitresses
  • Lienz Topless waitresses
  • Liezen Topless waitresses
  • Salzburg Topless waitresses
  • Solden Topless waitresses
  • St Polten Topless waitresses
  • St. Valentin Topless waitresses
  • Steiermark Topless waitresses
  • Traun Topless waitresses
  • Vienna Topless waitresses
  • Villach Topless waitresses
  • Wels Topless waitresses
  • Sexy topless waitresses
  • Busty topless waitresses
  • Hot topless waitresses
  • Popular topless waitresses
  • Experienced topless waitresses
  • White topless waitresses
  • Blonde topless waitresses
  • Fun topless waitresses
  • Naughty topless waitresses
  • Flirty topless waitresses

Bunny girls

They are the perfect addition to any corporate or wedding party. They serve like pros and entertain your guests like they were born to do it. They will take your party to the next level and exceed all your expectations.

We have:

  • sexy bunny girls
  • blonde bunny girls
  • Popular bunny girls
  • Fun bunny girls
  • Professional bunny girls
  • Host bunny girls
  • Entertaining bunny girls
  • Lively bunny girls
  • black bunny girls
  • red-haired bunny girls
  • Naughty bunny girls.
  • Amstetten Bunny girls
  • Baden Bunny girls
  • Braunau am Inn Bunny girls
  • Bregenz Bunny girls
  • Eisenstadt Bunny girls
  • Graz Bunny girls
  • Innsbruck Bunny girls
  • Kitzbuhel Bunny girls
  • Klagenfurt Bunny girls
  • Krems an der Donau Bunny girls
  • Kufstein Bunny girls
  • Lienz Bunny girls
  • Liezen Bunny girls
  • Salzburg Bunny girls
  • Solden Bunny girls
  • St Polten Bunny girls
  • St. Valentin Bunny girls
  • Steierark Bunny girls
  • Traun Bunny girls
  • Vienna Bunny girls
  • Villach Bunny girls
  • Wels Bunny girls
  • Wiener Neustadt Bunny girls

Buff butlers

Ladies! We know you have put so much effort into making your party a success. But there is one thing missing. A buff butler from coffeencream!!! You are not prepared for a handsome and sexy hunk serving your guests, preparing cocktails, playing party games with you, posing so you can see how deep your nude painting skills go, and cleaning up after the party. As a bonus, he will teach you and the girls how to prepare cocktails like pros.

We Have :

  • Amstetten Buff butlers
  • Baden Buff butlers
  • Braunau am Inn Buff butlers
  • Bregenz Buff butlers
  • Eisenstadt Buff butlers
  • Graz Buff butlers
  • Innsbruck Buff butlers
  • Kitzbuhel Buff butlers
  • Klagenfurt Buff butlers
  • Krems an der Donau Buff butlers
  • Kufstein Buff butlers
  • Lienz Buff butlers
  • Liezen Buff butlers
  • Salzburg Buff butlers
  • Solden Buff butlers
  • St Polten Buff butlers
  • St. Valentin Buff butlers
  • Steierark Buff butlers
  • Traun Buff butlers
  • Vienna Buff butlers
  • Villach Buff butlers
  • Wels Buff butlers
  • Wiener Neustadt buff butlers
  • sexy buff butlers
  • naughty buff butlers
  • Life drawing buff butlers
  • Nude painting buff butlers
  • Experienced buff butlers
  • Cocktail pros buff butlers
  • Best buff butlers
  • buff butlers near me
  • buff butlers that cook well
  • Professional buff butlers
  • Popular buff butlers

Drag queens

We live in tough times, and once in a while, we need a little laughter and sometimes a burst of big laughter that makes us cry and piss on ourselves. Luckily, drag queens in Austria will make you piss on yourself and laugh till your ribs crack literally! Book a drag queen for your next event to entertain your guests. Make sure you prepare yourself for all the fun he is bringing.

What do our drag queens do?

  • Lip-syncing
  • Enticing dances
  • Cabaret Drag performance
  • Deejaying
  • Impersonation
  • Wicked sense of humor
  • International comedy
  • Outrageous makeup
  • Crazy fun bingo
  • Comedy sketches
  • Mainstream comedy
  • Character parodies from famous TV shows
  • Audience banter
  • Slight nudity
  • Comedy nun
  • Professional dance finales
  • Live singing
  • Drag acts for musical comedy

We have

  • naughty drag queens
  • gay drag queens
  • Funny drag queens.
  • Corporate party drag queens
  • Experienced drag queens
  • slight nude drag queens
  • Amstetten Drag queens
  • Baden Drag queens
  • Braunau am Inn Drag queens
  • Bregenz Drag queens
  • Eisenstadt Drag queens
  • Graz Drag queens
  • Innsbruck Drag queens
  • Kitzbuhel Drag queens
  • Klagenfurt Drag queens
  • Krems an der Donau Drag queens
  • Kufstein Drag queens
  • Wedding party drag queens
  • Comedy drag queens
  • Crazy drag queens
  • Bold drag queens
  • Lienz Drag queens
  • Liezen Drag queens
  • Salzburg Drag queens
  • Solden Drag queens
  • St Polten Drag queens
  • St. Valentin Drag queens
  • Steierark Drag queens
  • Traun Drag queens
  • Vienna Drag queens
  • Villach Drag queens
  • Wels Drag queens
  • Wiener Neustadt Drag queens

Cocktail classes

Are you interested in making cocktails like a pro? Want to learn how to make unique cocktails from the experts? Want to learn to make cocktails from the comfort of your home so you can learn freely without the pressure of messing up? Well, you are in luck. We have some of the best cocktail experts in Austria. They will bring the bar to your home, and within no time, you will be making cocktails like a pro.

Austria Models

Models are sexy, hot, handsome, curvy, glamorous, beautiful, high-class, but the real question is what that model will offer you. The job description of a model is broad, and knowing what you want from a model will help you select a specialist.

What do our models do?

Life drawing and nude painting – Be creating unleash your imagination with life drawing and nude painting. Book a gorgeous model for your stag party and let everyone get involved in some life drawing and nude painting. Don’t sit wondering how good you can get at drawing a naked model with sexy abs and busty tits.

Product promotion – Need a sexy brand ambassador? Need hot girls to promote your club tonight? Want to advertise your products? There is nothing as satisfying as getting a model that meets all your needs while bringing helpful insights from their years of experience and training.

Host and hostesses – What event are you planning? Is it a large party or a small private party? Is it a corporate party or a divorce party, or a wedding party? It does not matter because we give you professional’s models to host your party.

  • Amstetten Models
  • Baden Models
  • Braunau am Inn Models
  • Bregenz Models
  • Eisenstadt Models
  • Graz Models
  • Innsbruck Models
  • Kitzbuhel Models
  • Klagenfurt Models
  • Krems an der Donau Models
  • Kufstein Models
  • Wiener Neustadt models
  • art models
  • Promotional models
  • Tall models
  • Sexy models
  • Busty models
  • Hot models
  • Popular models
  • Experienced models
  • White models
  • Black models
  • Slender models
  • Lienz Models
  • Liezen Models
  • Salzburg Models
  • Solden Models
  • St Polten Models
  • St. Valentin Models
  • Steiermark Models
  • Train Models
  • Vienna Models
  • Villach Models
  • Wels Models
  • Slim models
  • Thick models
  • Columbian models
  • Back haired models
  • Indian models
  • Red-haired models
  • Blonde models
  • Thai models
  • Latino models
  • Curvy models
  • Asian models
  • Blonde models

Stag and hen packages

Have you seen our crazy hen and stag packages in Austria? What are you waiting for?

  1.  VIP night club entry, Chinese food, a hike at the Grossglockner Alpine Road
  2.  Private limo tour around Vienna, comedy club evening, beauty and massage treatment
  3.  Massage escort, party bus to Salzkammergut, three stripper show
  4.  2 Stripper show, boat riding, Italian food
  5.  Four-wheel drive to Salzburg, two strippers show, seafood.
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