Whether you are a local or a visitor in Dures, Albania, then you are in for a treat you will not forget soon. Dures, a sunny seaside city, is the perfect destination to relax, unwind, party, or hold your event. Coffeencream is your perfect go-to for entertainers, cocktail classes, and some of the best hen and stag packages you will find anywhere.

Reasons why Coffeencream is the best

We operate legally:​

In the digitalized world we live in, it is hard to find a legit company with legit entertainers. In fact, it so hard to differentiate between scam agencies and legit ones. Unlike other agencies, we operate within all the legal policies established by the law.

We hire the sexiest, hottest, and most qualified entertainers.​

You may try other entertainers, but you will always come back because coffeencream has the hottest, sexiest, and friendliest entertainers in Dures. What’s more, going to a strip club in Dures will not be as satisfying as having a hot stripper all to yourself in your hotel room or house. You will end up paying a lot of money to watch the stripper and not even get a lap dance. Get a hot stripper, escort, or kissograms to come to your location and have all the fun from the comfort of your location.

We give you value for your money.​

There is nothing we despise more than a client spending money, and they end up getting substandard services. As a matter of fact, we do not condone low-quality entertainment to our clients. That is why we only hire professional entertainers who know how to do their jobs like pros.

What entertainers do we offer?

Dures Strippers​

Lap dances (make sure you have the suitable chairs), flirting, teasing, whips and cream (if you want), licking chocolate off the body, party games, and an unforgettable night. This is just half of what you get when you book a stripper from the coffeencream website. Want to know what more they will do? Click on the profile of the stripper you want and get in touch with them directly.

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Dures Kissograms​

If you are having a birthday party, bachelorette party, or divorce party in Dures, then we have the perfect gift for the stag? Book a kissogram for them and let them get treated to a night they will never forget.

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Dures Escorts​

Dures is a popular tourist hotspot. To truly experience the rich history, culture, coastal beaches, and nightlife, you will need an escort by your side. We have non-contact elegant escorts or porn star escorts that are good to go a little intimate with you. Book an escort to keep you company during your visit and keep you entertained.

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Dures Buff butlers​

Dures offers you a rich Albanian experience with its well-prepared dishes and cocktails. Are you having a girl’s night? No need to order food and drinks. Instead, book a buff butler. On top of being entertained, he will make you delicious foods, unique cocktails, bring the bar to your home, all while you just make your orders and even the girls a cocktail class, and before he leaves, he will help you clean up. Hire sexy Dures buff butlers and naughty Dures buff butlers.

Dures Topless waitress​

If you have a guy’s night, whether it’s a birthday, bachelorette, or divorce party, one thing is for sure, the guys will enjoy being served with a topless waitress. They will enjoy being welcomed to the venue with a topless waitress, being served one, talking to one, and being entertained by one. They will even refuse to leave but that’s a story for another day.

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Dures Bunny girls​

A corporate party deserves a touch of elegance and class, and that is what precisely a bunny girl will add to your party. They will even dress in costumes that match the theme of your party.

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Dures Drag queens​

Hiring a drag queen for your party is like having your favorite comedian, artist, or actor/actress performing for you in your house. Your guests could even make a request, and the drag queen will be happy to impersonate all your favorite artists.

What do our drag queens do?

  • Slight nudity
  • Comedy nun
  • Professional dance finales
  • live singing
  • Drag acts for musical comedy
  • enticing dances
  • Cabaret Drag performance
  • Deejaying
  • impersonation
  • character parodies from famous TV shows
  • wicked sense of humor
  • international comedy
  • a glistening array of costumes
  • virtual dag acts
  • lip-syncing
  • outrageous makeup
  • Crazy fun bingo
  • comedy sketches
  • mainstream comedy
  • audience banter

Hire a

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Dures Models

Fun fact: Dures has the sexiest models in all of Albania. Our models are professional, diverse, and well trained.

What do our models do?

Life drawing and nude painting – Be creating unleash your imagination with life drawing and nude painting. Book a gorgeous model for your stag party and let everyone get involved in some life drawing and nude painting. Don’t sit wondering how good you can get at drawing a naked model with sexy abs and busty tits.

Product promotion – Need a sexy brand ambassador? Need hot girls to promote your club tonight? Want to advertise your products? There is nothing as satisfying as getting a model that meets all your needs while bringing helpful insights from their years of experience and training.

Host and hostesses – What event are you planning? Is it a large party or a small private party? Is it a corporate party or a divorce party, or a wedding party? It does not matter because we give you professional’s models to host your party.

Cat walking, fashion shows, and photography may be hard to find the exact kind of model you want because Scotland is not as culturally diverse as other countries. Luckily for you at coffeencream, we have crossed boundaries and gone out of our way to bring you eclectic models.

We have:

Dures Cocktail classes

Hire a pro near you for the best cocktails classes in Dures. They will bring the bar to your home and teach you in a friendly and patient manner until you become a pro.

Dures Stag and hen packages

Nighttime activities are what make any weekend memorable. But with so many choices, how do you find something for the night. Talk to us about what you want your night to be like, and check us some of our crazy packages.

Fun fact: We have the craziest hen and stag packages that no other company will offer you.

  1. Hotel and spa, three strippers, show, Chinese food.
  2. VIP night club entry, Italian food, private limo ride
  3. Private limo rides, Comedy club evening, Paintballing
  4. VIP night club entry, Nude waitresses, Beauty treatment
  5. Nude painting with sexy buff butlers, four-wheel drive, hotel and spa
  6. Go-karting, dance hen party, two stripper shows,
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