We value professionalism and quality, so our female kissograms are going to be the most memorable in your life. We cater to both Ireland and Northern Ireland. We hope you are going to try our services to experience the expertise of our wonderful staff!

The best quality female kissograms in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Coffee'n Cream has a large number of female kissograms to choose from. Our female staff are hot, beautiful and they are always prepared to put the lips on one or more lucky individuals. If this sounds appealing to you, then you must have a look at our portfolio of female kissograms that we deliver nationwide in Ireland and in Northern Ireland. Regardless of what choice you made from our dedicated staff, we guarantee that every staff member of ours will captivate you and deliver everything that you expected.

In order to find a female kissogram for your stag party, birthday party or any other type of event, please either follow the corresponding link below that represents the region that is the closest to where the event is going to take place or contact us directly and we will find the best options for you.

Please note that our female kissograms are normally available to travel all over the county and beyond so even if your town or area is not specified below, we will most likely have several options available for you. For a general idea about the main areas that we cover you could check the locations page also.

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What our customers say


"I was surprised by my mates with a female kissogram. It was amazing!"



"I thoroughly enjoyed the one-to-one dance I received. Definitely it is my best experience in terms of female kissograms ever!"



"The naughty outfits and the saucy routines that the girls had were better than I ever imagined. I highly recommend Coffee'n Cream's female kissograms!"



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Our female kissograms are popular in every season.
Invite us to your private event, and our female kissograms will be sure to bring the heat up!

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