Hen parties


Coffee ‘n Cream provide the very best adult entertainment in Northern Ireland and Ireland. We have male and female strippers, topless butlers, kissograms, life drawing classes, strip-o-grams – anything you desire to make your celebration one to remember! Whether you’re holding a hen party, celebrating a birthday or just want some fun, Coffee ‘n Cream have it all!
With the range of performers we have you might be spoilt for choice, so we offer bespoke packages to let you pick and choose performers and classes as you like for the perfect experience.
Our coverage and availability is very extensive, so wherever you are in Northern Ireland or Ireland we will be able to cater to you.

Coffee’n Cream delivers a wide range of hen parties that can be organised all-over Ireland or Northern Ireland. We want to transform your hen party into an unforgettable event!

Coffee’n Cream offers the very best adult entertainment in Ireland and Northern Ireland. If combo packages are what you are looking for, then you can pick and mix performers and performances as you want for a discounted price too! For more details about the multitude of packages in Ireland and Northern Ireland that we are offering, please read this page further of contact us by clicking the following button.

The best hen parties in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Coffee’n Cream offers a large number of possible scenarios for your hen parties. You can choose from a range of themes the one that satisfy your preference the most. We provide a series of services that can satisfy even the most eclectic tastes. From different games to pure cheekiness, our experienced staff can deliver everything you want!

In order to find the details and range of possibilities for throwing an unforgettable hen party, please either follow the corresponding link below that represents the region that is the closest to where the event is going to take place or contact us directly and we will find the best options for you.

Please note that we organise hen parties all over the county and beyond so even if your town or city is not specified below, we will most likely have several options available for you. For a general idea about the main areas that we cover you could check the locations page also.

What our customers say



“I was surprised by my mates with a female kissogram. It was amazing!”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the one-to-one dance I received. Definitely it is my best experience in terms of female kissograms ever!”


“The naughty outfits and the saucy routines that the girls had were better than I ever imagined. I highly recommend Caffee’n Cream’s female kissograms!”


“I was very impressed with the professionalism of the strippers! I highly recommend this company!”


“I fired a few male strippers for my hen party. They were amazing and the atmosphere they created was so fun!”


“I have been a faithful customer for a few years now. I am so happy that they cover more areas in Ireland! Keep growing!”


“Normally I am not easily impressed, but these female strippers really blew my mind! I will definitely use your services again!”


“I hired a few female strippers from Coffee’n Cream for my brother’s stag party. They were punctual and came to the venue very well prepared. Everyone had a very enjoyable night. Thank you!”


“I used your services both in Dublin and in Belfast. Every single time the female strippers were proper professional performers. That is very impressive!”


“Maria was fantastic! Talented, friendly, beautiful, and made so much effort. It was the highlight of our party! Thank you so much for coming to my party!”


“Wonderfully professional from start to finish – easy to book, great customer service and professional female strippers. Great!”


“The company were good at communicating, responsive and they sent two girls who matched my requirements exactly. When they came, they made the entire party better. They offered a fair price too. I would certainly recommend them to anyone.”


“Amazing from start to finish. Such a professional service! The female strippers were amazing too!”


“The booking system is very straightforward and the process of booking went smoothly. I ended up booking five female strippers for my friends’ birthday party and everything went as planned! Thanks!”


“I tried many different companies and all ended up disappointing me. Coffe’n Cream however have the best female strippers that I ever seem! Castle team rocks!”


“For my birthday party held in Balmoral I was surprised with a female kissogram by my friends! She was truly unbelivable!”


“I surprised my work colleague with a female kissogram from Coffee’n Cream. He absolutely loved it! I will use your services again! From Balmoral x”


“It was so much fun to have not only one, but three different female kissograms at your New Years Eve party! Truly a good way to start a new year!”


“I spent an unforgettable night two weeks ago when I was surprised at my house in Castle with a female kissogram!”


“Julia! You were the best female kissogram, thank you. You were more than happy for us to take millions of photos. I would recommend a female kissogram for any event.”


“Here you find the best kissograms in Ireland! I have used their services many times in different places and I am always amazed by the good quality of performances!”


“The male stripper that I booked was charming, friendly, good looking, and put so much effort into his performance. That was the highlight of our party”


“We booked four male strippers for my friend’s hen party. We were very entertained the entire night! Thank you!”


“I truly think that Coffee’n Cream’s male strippers are the best I have seen! Wow!”


“The male strippers that I booked in Balmoral are trained to the highest standards and are very creative with their routines and moves. I was really impressed! “


“The male strippers were on time, with a lot of good energy and made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. Thanks for the show! “


“The male strippers in Balmoral are some of the best performers I have ever witnessed. I highly recommend them to anyone that wants some fun times!”


“The male strippers that came to my hen party entertained everyone. We don’t even know how time passed so fast!”


“The effort and commitment of the male strippers in Castle is truly remarkable. I looked at them in awe the entire night out of appreciation for their perfectionism! “


“The male strippers I booked were exactly how I imagined them to be. Highly recommend their service!”


“I am big fan of the male kissograms organised by Coffee’n Cream. I always come back for more.”


“These male kissograms are indeed the best I have ever seen. I highly encourage anyone that is curious to give Coffee’n Cream a try and they won’t be disappointed.”


“My best friend surprised me with a couple of male kissograms on my birthday. I will forever be grateful. They were amazing!”


“I was fortunate enough to be surprised on my birthday with a male kissogram in Balmoral. That was truly the best party surprise! “


“The male kissogram from last night was so sweet and nice. I am very satisfied about how everything went!”


“My friends and I had a blast with the male kissograms that came to my flat in Balmoral. We are definitely going to repeat the experience!”


“It was my first time living the experience of male kissograms. It was very pleasant and entertaining. Many thanks to the male kissograms that came to my party in Castle! “


“Everyone should participate in a number of quality male kissogram! I suggest booking the male performers in Castle as I only had pleasant experiences with them!”


“A handsome, classy and sexy male kissogram is what I received for my birthday. Best gift!”


“Coffee’n Cream were excellent at communicating with us. They were responsive and paid attention to our requirements. The topless butlers that they sent matched them perfectly. So impressed with everything! really recommend! “


“Amazing customer service. Our butler suggested many fun games and the actual waiter service was perfect. Would recommend to anyone and will definitely use again!”


“Absolutely brilliant service provided by all three topless butlers from Coffee’n Cream! They organised lots of games that were definitely the icing on the cake of our hen party. They gave us some really nice memories and a good time. Could not recommend them more. Thank you for playing such a huge part in making our night amazing!”


“Lots of fun and various games with our butler at my hen do. It energised everyone and kept the party going! Great fun with the topless butlers in Balmoral.”


“Such a good night with the topless butlers from Coffee’n Cream. Highly recommend!”


“I would like to thank the staff of Caffee’n Cream in Balmoral for being extremely professional. The topless butlers that came to my birthday party were great and up for a laugh.”


“The topless butlers in Castle were such lovely guys and got fully involved of what was required of them without any hesitation. They created such a nice atmosphere!”


“I booked five topless butlers in Castle for a big anniversary party I was throwing. All five of them proved to be true assets to your company and would recommend them and your services.”


“Message for the topless butlers that joined me and my friends last week- I would just like to thank you for enabling us to have an amazing night last Friday.”


“Coffee’n Cream has one of the most straightforward processes of booking strippers. They are also always running a good deal for their packages! Check them out and you won’t regret it!”


“I have used both their standard and ultimate packages in booking strippers. Was very quick and reliable! Highly recommend it!”


“I haven’t encountered a better deal in terms of personalising your own package. They are very flexible and will meet all your needs. Try Coffee’n Cream in Ireland and you won’t regret it!”


“I booked a life drawing class for my best-friend’s hen party. Everything went as predicted and the model was top quality! Thanks!”


“The life drawing classes that Coffee’n Cream are offering are truly worth every penny! Highly recommend their services!”


“I went to both a male and a female life drawing class organised by Coffee’n Cream. It was truly amazing! Thanks for the professionalism! “


“The three male strippers that we booked for my aunt’s hen party in Belfast as part of an ultimate package were really worth the time and money. I really think they must have been the best male strippers that I have ever seen in my life!”


“My cousin’s hen party was amazing and the main reason for that is the fact that our male strippers and the male life drawing class were booked from Coffee’n Cream. Such a special time we had!”


“There is no other company that I would trust for providing the type of quality service as much as I trust Coffee’n Cream. Thank you for the ambience that your male strippers created at my own hen party! “

Gallery with a few of our hen parties that we organised in Ireland and Northern Ireland


Female strippers

Our exceptional female strippers will mesmerise you.

Male strippers

Our talented male strippers will provide a show that you will never forget.

Female kissograms

We can organise the best surprises for your event in the form of female kissograms in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Male kissograms

Male kissograms are in high demand right now. Experience our own male kissograms in Ireland and Northern Ireland and you will not regret it!

Topless butlers

Our topless butlers are confident, polite and most of all professional in everything that they do.

Life drawing

A life drawing class is an unique and special meaningful experience. Offer it to the ones closest to you and they will not forget it!

Hen parties

Spice up your hen parties with our own amazing strippers in Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Customise and personalise your own experience with us! Coffee’n Cream is flexible and wants to meet your every need in terms of male and female strippers, male and female kissograms, topless butlers, life drawing classes and hen parties in Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Found in the heart of Dublin, this beauty can be your own personal female stripper.


As a Belfast native now living in Balmoral, Helen is the embodiment of talent.


Sarah could entertain you whenever you need a female stripper in Cork.


Even if she is in high demand, you might be lucky enough and be able to book Maria anywhere around Belfast.


Based in Dublin, Aileen can make your imagination go wild.


You would never regret choosing Brianna as one of your female strippers.


Colleen is one of our top female strippers that activates in Carrick-on-Shannon.


Another top performer from Carrick-on-Shannon, Faith really knows how to put on a show that you will never forget.


Daisy always performs an exceptional strip routine.


Sexy stripper masquerade party

We always try to fulfil the fantasies of our customers.

Female stripper Christmas party

We can spice up any traditional occasion and event, even Christmas.



If you are interested in perfectionist and experienced female stripper in Belfast, then Gabriela should be one of your top choices.


In terms of delivering unforgettable moments and intense and passionate performances, Camila is the best female stripper.


Nathalie is everything anyone could wish for in a female stripper.



As a typical Irish lady, Amelia is unforgettable.


Ashley is here to bring the temperature up all over the county of Cork.

Faith and Adele

Two sisters that are the reigning queens in Cork in terms of competence, appearance and performance.


Jessica is one of the wildest and naughtiest female strippers that you will ever met!

Female kissogram at a summer event

Our female kissograms are popular in every season.

Female kissogram private event

Invite us to your private event, and our female kissograms will be sure to bring the heat up!

Male strippers during their performance

Our male stripper dedicate themselves to every event entirely.

Male strippers with a customer

Our male strippers always put the customer first and they cater to every single one of them in the best way possible.


Adam is our hunky and experienced professional male stripper from Belfast.


James is a true performer in every sense of the way that you can meet around Cork.


Andrew is a true Irish man that truly found his calling in being a stripper. You can book his service in the County Leitrim region.


Arthur’s professionalism and ability to catch everyone’s attention are impossible to surpass. Come and meet him in Dublin!


Austin is a very sexy, hunky and experienced professional male stripper, kissogram and adult entertainer from County Cork.


Ben is a very popular and in-demand male stripper and dancer available for bookings in Dublin.


A native of Belfast, you can enjoy Benedict’s talent in both County Atrim and County Down.


If you want to experience the best female kissograms in Country Cork and in Cork in particular, Anastasia could definitely satisfy this desire.


Want to surprise a friend or co-worker with a truly unique gift for their special occasion? A female kissogram in Belfast with Anita would be the ideal surprise.


If you are looking for a fun or scandalous female kissogram in Dublin, Antonia should be one of your top choices.


Wherever you are in County Leitrim, you can book Beatrice as your sweetest female kissogram.


As a super fit and super stunning female kissogram in Belfast, one can meet Celia in both County Antrim and County Down.


In the city of Dublin, Celine is the exotic flavour everyone needs.

Brenda and Candace

These two sisters can upgrade your private party held anywhere in County Cork.


For a very entertaining night, Blake is the best male kissogram in Cork that you could think of.


Everywhere in Belfast Brad can be your own personal male kissogram.


If you are looking for a professional entertainer that is ready right now to entertain you in Dublin, Caleb is the guy for you!


In Carrick-on-Shannon and anywhere in the County Leitrim, Callum can be booked for an extraordinary time.


Come and find Chad in the city of Belfast! The best male kissogram ever!


If you are looking for a male kissogram in Dublin, then look no further!

Male kissogram at private party

Coffee’n Cream’s example of male kissograms

Male kissogram at birthday party

Male kissograms at birthday parties are a common occurrence.

Topless butlers at hen party

Our topless butlers are in high demand at hen parties.

Topless butlers at private party

Our topless butlers are often booked for a multitude of private events.


Cleve can be your own personal topless butler in Belfast.


As a topless butler in Dublin, Cole can be booked very easily.


Colin can be your own personal topless butler in County Cork.


Corey can be your own personal topless butler in County Leitrim and Carrick-on-Shannon.

Daniel, Steven and Michael

Daniel, Steven and Michael are three of our topless butlers in Belfast that can be booked either together or alone.

Derick, John and Jonathan

Derick, John and Jonathan are three of our topless butlers in Dublin that can be booked either together or alone.

Life drawing example at hen party

Life drawing example of a class

People drawing at a life drawing class

Life drawing at another hen party

The attendants of a life drawing class

Hen party in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Hen party in Dublin, Ireland

Hen party in Cork, Ireland

Hen party in Carrick-on-Shannon, Ireland

Unique hen party in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Female strippers at Playboy party in Belfast, Ireland

You can book our staff for different type of events, from birthday parties and hen parties to different thematic parties and corporate parties anywhere in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Like what you see?

Contact us now on 07756 765622 or email coffeenstrippers@gmail.com to book your very own hen party! If you’re still spoilt for choice, we can make up a package deal just for you!

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