As Ireland’s leading Kissogram & Stripogram company, Coffee'n Cream has a lot of topless strippers in the region of Belfast. The amazing men that you could encounter in Belfast are some of the most in demand topless butlers out there! So, hurry up and book their services. From hen parties, stag parties and birthdays to every kind of corporate and private event, our butlers are here to fulfil your fantasies.

    Topless butlers in County Antrim Topless butlers in County Down

More details about our topless butlers in Belfast

We and our topless butlers are not fussy about the exact location where the costumer wants a particular event to take place. Our professional butlers have entertained manifold people in locations that range from clubs, bars and any type of rented venue to private households. We want to cater to our costumers and thus, we have no issues with travelling as much as necessary in order to maximise the happiness and contentment of our customers.

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Gallery of some of our topless butlers in Belfast

Here are some of our topless butlers in Belfast. This list is far from being complete, so don't worry! We have many topless butlers available!
Adam is our hunky and experienced professional male stripper from Belfast.
A native of Belfast, you can enjoy Benedict's talent in both County Atrim and County Down.
Everywhere in Belfast Brad can be your own personal male kissogram.
Come and find Chad in the city of Belfast! The best male kissogram ever!
Cleve can be your own personal topless butler in Belfast.
Daniel, Steven and Michael are three of our topless butlers in Belfast that can be booked either together or alone.

Find topless butlers in the Belfast region

We provide a way of finding your selection of topless butler based on selecting smaller areas and towns. Therefore, in the Belfast region the areas/towns that are included are Balmoral, Castle, Court, Laganbank, Lower Falls, Oldpark, Pottinger, Upper Falls, Victoria, Bangor, Ballymena, Belfast, Castlereagh, Craigavon, Derry, Dunmurry, Lisburn, Newry, Newtownabbey, Newtownards. Usually the entire Belfast region is covered by topless butlers irregardless of their actual area. However, as a few examples, the areas in Belfast for which we cater are:

-Topless butlers in Balmoral
-Topless butlers in Castle

Like what you see?

Contact us now on 0775 6765 622 or email coffeenstrippers@gmail.com to book your very own topless butler experience! If you’re still spoilt for choice, we can make up a package deal just for you!

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We are frequently asked a couple of questions regarding our topless butlers in Belfast and the services that they provide.

What's the price for booking a stripper or a kissogram?

The price you pay, which we will convey to you at time of the booking, covers all expenses including travel and costume (if required). We are trying to keep this cost to a minimum so that our quality rated strippers and kissograms would remain affordable. For more details about our booking process that should serve as a guide, please consult the booking page or just contact us directly and we will answer any queries you might have.

Is touching/ kissing the strippers or kissograms allowed?

Touching and kissing the strippers or kissograms is by invitation only. Our performers will make it verbally clear whenever those actions are appropriate. Otherwise, just sit back and enjoy the performance!

Can I choose the routine that the stripper is going to perform?

The standard is for the strippers to have a particular pre-established routine. However, every single one of them wants to keep customers happy. To this end, they will try to the best of their ability to accommodate any reasonable requests.

Will the particular stripper or kissogram that I selected will attend my event?

We make every effort to ensure that your selected performer will attend your special occasion. However, if this particular stripper or kissogram cannot commit to coming to your event, we will arrange a suitable replacement and we will inform you about this replacement. Only when you will give your consent we will continue the booking process.

Can I request a specific costume that the stripper or kissogram will wear?

Yes, of course. However, the price of the costume might have to be included in the booking fee. We will inform you if that is the case.

How long does a normal performance last for?

A normal, standard performance of our strippers or kissograms usually last for around 15-20 minutes, but as a customer you should keep cheering for them and there will be a high chance that they will perform for a longer period. However, please be understanding towards the fact that our performers have more than one event to attend per night, so they cannot stay at your venue for a much longer period of time.

Can I book a stripper or kissogram to perform for more than 15-20 minutes?

Yes, but it will count as extra bookings. However, we offer discounts. Please be in touch with us and we can discuss this in more detail.