If you have not seen Wales, you have seen nothing. From 18th century writers to today’s travel bloggers, one thing they have all agreed on is the measurable beauty of Wales. Any proud Welsh will tell you that Wales is a unique country with its landscapes and coastlines to discover, its own language to hear, and its own culture that will amaze you. It is not just about a beautiful landscape; Wales offers you relaxation, stunning coasts, breathtaking mountains, buzzing festivals, and fiery people with so much love and kindness.

Fun fact : Did you know Scotland has the world’s first path that encloses the whole coastline of the country.

Why us?

Coffeencream is your one-stop-shop for entertainers. Having been in the industry for over 15 years, we have mastered the art of customer satisfaction and providing the best entertainers you will find anywhere in Wales.

We offer you reliable, professional, and friendly entertainers who are good at their job and are passionate about doing it. We deliver!!! And that is our promise to you.

What do we offer?


When you hear about strippers, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably lap dances, a sexy pole dance, and a little flirting and teasing. You will be surprised to realize that Coffeencream strippers offer more than that. You can lick chocolate off their sexy bodies; they will also play party games with you and even humiliate a stag who thinks there is nothing they cannot handle.

Fun Fact : Did you know our strippers have a wide range of costumes that you can choose from?

  • Sexy strippers
  • female strippers
  • male strippers
  • hot strippers
  • Cardiff strippers
  • Swansea strippers
  • Wrexham strippers
  • Newport strippers
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  • Birthday party strippers
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  • Dwarf stripers
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You may try kissograms from every other company there is out there, but nothing comes close to our hot and sexy kissograms or what they have to offer. We are the leading agency in providing sexy kissograms that will blow your mind. Talk to us about a kissogram who will surprise the stag, deliver him a message, give him/her a flirty dance, and be in a costume that matches the theme of your event. We have

  • Busty kissograms
  • sexy kissograms
  • Cardiff Kissograms
  • Barry Kissograms
  • Neath Kissograms
  • Bridgend Kissograms
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You are probably looking for a quiet date night in Cardiff with a perfect companion that will make the night memorable. Or you want a massage from a sexy Latina escort in Swansea. First time getting an escort? Looking for an escort that will give you a great girlfriend experience? Want a porn star escort to make your nerves tingle with excitement? Talk to us and let us know your desires. We offer:

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Drag queens

Imagine all the laughter and naughtiness you have always been dreaming of coming to your own home.

What do our drag queens do?

  • Slight nudity
  • Comedy nun
  • Professional dance finales
  • live singing
  • Drag acts for musical comedy
  • enticing dances
  • Cabaret Drag performance
  • Deejaying
  • comedy sketches
  • mainstream comedy
  • impersonation
  • wicked sense of humor
  • international comedy
  • a glistening array of costumes
  • virtual dag acts
  • lip-syncing
  • outrageous makeup
  • Crazy fun bingo
  • character parodies from famous TV shows
  • even audience banter

We have:

  • naughty drag queens
  • Cardiff drag queens
  • Swansea drag queens
  • Wrexham drag queens
  • Newport drag queens
  • Barry drag queens
  • Neath drag queens
  • Bridgend drag queens
  • Cwmbran drag queens
  • Llanelli drag queens
  • Merthyr Tydfil drag queens
  • Aberaeron drag queens

Bunny girls

Wales has been known to be some of the most beautiful girls in Europe. Imagine beautiful, elegant girls looking like they are straight out of Oktoberfest gracing your party. We have:

  • sexy bunny girls
  • blonde bunny girls
  • Cardiff bunny girls
  • Swansea bunny girls
  • Wrexham bunny girls
  • Newport bunny girls
  • Barry bunny girls
  • Neath bunny girls
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  • black bunny girls
  • red-haired bunny girls
  • Naughty bunny girls

Buff butlers

Fun fact : Did you know buff butlers are handsome, gorgeous men, who have been thoroughly trained to host and serve at stag parties, birthday parties, girls’ night in, and hen parties? In addition to that, they will play party games with you, mix cocktails expertly, take pictures with you and help you clean up once the party is done.

We have :

  • sexy buff butlers
  • naughty buff butlers
  • Cardiff buff butlers
  • Swansea buff butlers
  • Wrexham buff butlers
  • Newport buff butlers
  • Barry buff butlers
  • Neath buff butlers
  • Bridgend buff butlers
  • Cwmbran buff butlers
  • Llanelli buff butlers
  • Merthyr Tydfil buff butlers
  • Aberaeron buff butlers

Topless waitresses

Topless waitresses are sexy, that’s for sure. But it is not just the sexiness that they bring to the party. They will greet your guests at the door, take their coats, serve them, and mingle among them.

Tip : When hiring topless waitresses, it is always wise to hire those who will click well with the guests. If you are having a corporate party and most of the attendees are Mexican, why not get Mexican topless waitresses?

  • Sexy topless waitresses
  • Busty topless waitresses
  • Swansea topless waitresses
  • Wrexham topless waitresses
  • Newport topless waitresses
  • Barry topless waitresses
  • Naughty topless waitresses
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  • Hot topless waitresses
  • Cardiff topless waitresses
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  • Bridgend topless waitresses
  • Cwmbran topless waitresses
  • Llanelli topless waitresses
  • Merthyr Tydfil topless waitresses
  • Aberaeron topless waitresses

Roly-poly strippers

A roly-poly stripper will make you the star of the party, especially if you are hiring one to humiliate the stag. He will be humiliated, but every time he looks back to that moment, he will smile and be thankful to have a friend like you.

  • Sexy roly-poly strippers
  • Busty roly-poly strippers
  • Hot roly-poly strippers
  • Cardiff roly-poly strippers
  • Swansea roly-poly strippers
  • Wrexham roly-poly strippers
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  • Cwmbran roly-poly strippers
  • Llanelli roly-poly strippers
  • Merthyr Tydfil roly-poly strippers
  • Aberaeron roly-poly strippers


Models are sexy, hot, handsome, curvaceous, glamorous, beautiful, high-class, but the real question is what that model will offer you. The job description of a model is broad, and knowing what you want from a model will help you select a specialist.

What do our models do?

Life drawing and nude painting- Be creating unleash your imagination with life drawing and nude painting. Book a gorgeous model for your stag party and let everyone get involved in some life drawing and nude painting. Don’t sit wondering how good you can get at drawing a naked model with sexy abs and busty tits.

Product promotion- Need a sexy brand ambassador? Need hot girls to promote your club tonight? Want to advertise your products? There is nothing as satisfying as getting a model that meets all your needs while bringing helpful insights from their years of experience and training.

Host and hostesses- What event are you planning? Is it a large party or a small private party? Is it a corporate party or a divorce party, or a wedding party? It does not matter because we give you professionals models to host your party.

Cat walking, fashion shows and photography – It may be hard to find the exact kind of model you want because Scotland is not as culturally diverse as other countries. Luckily for you at coffeencream, we have crossed boundaries and gone out of our way to bring you eclectic models.

  • Sexy models
  • Busty models
  • Hot models
  • List Item
  • Cardiff models
  • Indian models
  • red-haired models
  • Bridgend models
  • Cwmbran models
  • Swansea models
  • White models
  • Black models
  • Wrexham models
  • Latino models
  • Llanelli models
  • Merthyr Tydfil models
  • Newport models
  • Barry models
  • Neath models
  • Back haired models
  • Aberaeron models
  • Asian models
  • Blonde models
  • Columbian models

Stag and hen packages

We love you, we value you, and we want to make you happy.

Fun fact: We have the craziest hen and stag packages that no other company will offer you.

  • Party bus in Cardiff
  • Go-karting in Swansea
  • Poker night in Cardiff
  • Strippers in Aberaeron
  • Bowling in Merthyr Tydfil
  • life drewing in bridgend
  • Paintballing in Cwmbran
  • Neath golfing
  • Barry guys club
  • Cocktail making in Neath

Other packages

  • 3 strippers show
  • private limo rides
  • Nude waitresses
  • Nude painting with sexy buff buttlers

Cocktail classes

Nothing beats a well-mixed and shaken margaritas and mojitos sex on the beaches from a pro. But what’s better than a pro who shows you how to make them? Having a hen night stag party, wanted to mix drinks from a pro expertly? We are proud to have the best cocktail experts. When you book one, they come to your house, and aside from giving you magical cocktails that can give you a cocktail class so you can become a super girl/guy like them.

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