Why choose our strippers in Cork?

If you are a local of Cork or are just visiting for a hen party, stag party, birthday party or any other type of private or corporate event, you must need a break from time to time. Coffee’n Cream’s job is to not only entertain you and your party with the hottest and sexiest strippers in Cork, but also to take off the pressures of dealing with a potentially unfamiliar situation. Maybe it’s your first time trying to book a stripper service. Regardless of your experience with the word of strippers, we know very well how stressful it is to figure out which company from all the options that appear online is real and which ones are not. Staying away from scams in this business might prove to be a daunting task.

This is why we created the Coffee’n Cream service specifically to address this important issue, to build trust with our customers and to provide them with the best stripper shows in town. We can assure you that we are different from all the other stripper companies from Cork. Some of the main reasons that make us stand out are presented below.

Reasons to choose Coffee'n Cream's strippers in Cork

We and our strippers operate legally

Coffee’n Cream is licensed and legal. We abide to all the laws required to operate strippers in both the UK and Ireland. Unlike most other adult entertainment companies, we care about only operating within the legal parameters established by the law.

We only hire the sexiest and hotest strippers in Cork

Coffee’n Cream only hires the hottest strippers in Cork. Normally there are two ways to work as a stripper în Cork. The first option is to work in a strip club and the other option is to provide private strip shows. As you may know, going to a strip club in Ireland won’t make you see and enjoy the best strippers as it is not affordable for the strippers to work in the strip club environment. The most money that the strippers make is by attending private shows( be it stag parties, hen parties, birthday parties or any other private and corporate party or event). For this reason, we get the best female and male strippers anywhere we operate, including Cork. We value a lot our strippers and respect their work ethic and dedication. Our strippers from Cork know that they are going to get a lot of work by freelancing with us. Thus, our relationship is on good moral terms. For this reason, Coffee’n Cream only has female and male strippers that love working for us and as a result we end up getting the hottest strippers in Cork.

Our strippers in Cork work very hard for you

All our strippers are very diligent and work very hard. We and our strippers know that you hire us to entertain you and to provide you with the best time. We also want and need to meet every expectation that every customer has. We know that we are being paid to give you and your guests an amazing and fun time. Everyone involved in Coffee’n Cream take their jobs seriously as we understand how everyone needs good and fun memories. We also are very aware of the fact that people are looking for strippers to mark some special occasions in their lives. We have to always perform at our best in order to make everyone happy. For these reasons, we are going to give you in Cork the best show you ever had and make your Cork trip worth it( in case you come from somewhere else).

If the answer is yes, you can check our detailed list of our female strippers in Cork and male strippers in Cork where you can discover what Coffee’n Cream has to offer. Also, any enquiries that you might have can be answered very promptly by one of our colleagues. Call us, text us or contact us on WhatsApp on 07756765622  or email us on coffeenstrippers@gmail.com .

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